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The following are top picks and trending topics on gc4women.org news:

1. Women Make History On Golden Globes Nomination List

For the first time in history, the number of female director nominees has outnumbered male nominees in the category of Best Director at the 78th Golden Globes. Chloé Zhao, Emerald Fennell and Regina King secured three of the five nominations for the coveted category, which came under fire last year when not a single woman director was nominated. 

This year’s nominations also mark the first time ever where more than one female director has been nominated in the best director category in a single year. Read more here.

2. Self-Care Ideas For Valentine’s Day: You Deserve Every Ounce Of Love!

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, the fact that February 14 is just another day may slip your mind, thanks to all the hype surrounding the “most romantic day of the year.” While some may consider V-Day a day to plan the most romantic evening of the year for their SO, others use that mid-February day to focus on self-love instead of romantic love. If you choose to practice these self-care ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021, use them to redefine the “most romantic day” and make it your day. 

Self-care is one of those things that may get put on the back burner when you get too busy with work, family, school, and all that good stuff. And while that’s totally understandable, it’s important to recenter and refocus on yourself once in awhile. After all, you’re stuck with yourself forever, so the relationship you have with yourself should be cultivated mindfully. Read more here.

3. 6 Important Career Moves to Make Before Entering Motherhood

What happens when you’re trying to juggle a full-time job during the pandemic as well as trying to get pregnant? You may feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, ranging from excitement to complete overwhelm, and depending on the day, everything in between. Whether you’ve been trying (and maybe struggling) to get pregnant, working on those adoption papers, or just starting to consider this life-changing event, there are factors to keep in mind before you start having kids—especially as they pertain to your career.

It’s understandably hard to mentally think that far in advance. However, taking these steps now can make a dramatic and positive impact on your career after having kids. It’s worth the effort. Read more here.

4. Young, Bold, Feminist: Nigeria’s Damilola Odufuwa

Damilola Odufuwa is quite the force among Nigeria’s emerging young feminists. The University of Kent graduate has worked at media juggernauts like MTV, Universal Music Group, and National Geographic; and led teams at CNN, Zikoko, Konbini, and now cryptocurrency firm, Binance, leading its public relations efforts across Africa. 

Odufuwa also takes her success and talents into her activism, particularly where Black women are concerned. For her, it’s about creating opportunities for Black women to succeed, generating financial power for women, and achieving equality of women in society. Read more here.