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1. GC4W Women’s Day Summit Concludes as a Day of Inspiration

On Saturday, March 13th, 2021 the Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W) curated a memorable virtual summit packed with inspiration, courageous conversations, and celebration in honor of International Women’s Day. CoachDiversity was the presenting sponsor of the GC4W International Women’s Day Event. CoachDiversity Institute offers the world’s first coaching program specifically designed for diverse communities and preparing individuals, communities, and institutions for rapid demographic change and culturally sound communication. Read more here.

2. 5 Tips for Starting Your First Job From Home

Working from home: It seems like a nice concept, but is it really as simple as it sounds? Now that we’ve hit the one-year mark of lockdown, when many employers switched over to remote work, those of us who had to make the dramatic switch seem to have finally settled into a bit of a routine. If you’ve just graduated, it’s likely that you’re no stranger to completing your work and classes mainly online. But starting a new position completely at home is an entirely different thing, and while it seems to have become the new normal for a lot of jobs, it’s still a brand new experience for new employees. There’s no need to panic, though. Here are five tips for success, from someone who was in your shoes just a few short months ago. Read more here.

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3. 7 Ways Parents Can Teach Girls to Build Female Unity

When Ashley Eckstein, an actress and entrepreneur, started performing professionally in fifth grade, the other girls in her class taunted her relentlessly. Now 37, Eckstein recently brought her 13-year-old niece to a girls leadership summit to show her a different dynamic — hundreds of girls celebrating one another’s accomplishments in fields including writing and social activism.

“The cheers, hugs and high-fives literally gave me goose bumps,” said Eckstein, author of “It’s Your Universe: You Have the Power to Make it Happen.” “Something very right was happening in that room full of confident girls all doing their own thing.”

The girls may not have realized it, but they were pushing back against a powerful tendency for girls and women to view one another as threats, rather than allies or part of a support system. Read more here.

4. Fitness Motivation Tricks That Actually Work

Low energy. Busy schedules. Oversized expectations. These are just some of the common barriers (or excuses) that can come between you and your fitness goals. Despite knowing that regular exercise can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, and help maintain a healthy weight, sometimes actually, well, moving is simply easier said than done.

Here, 11 motivation secrets from wellness pros and the latest health research to get you to finally stop thinking about that run, and actually doing it. Read more here.

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