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1. Emma Raducanu Proves Those Doubted Her Wrong at US Open

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For a player who had her flight home booked for the end of the preliminary rounds of the US Open, Emma Raducanu’s grand slam campaign ended on Saturday with a stunning, and history-making final victory.

The 18-year-old from Britain is the first qualifier to win a major title in the Open era, and the first woman to win the US Open without dropping a set, since Serena Williams in 2014.

It was never predicted that two teenagers, Emma Raducanu, and Canadian Leylah Fernandez, ranked 150th and 73rd in the world respectively, would be the ones to compete for the grand slam trophy. It was an epic win for Raducanu – who received a personal congratulations from Queen Elizabeth – and a milestone for women’s tennis itself, which has never been more enthralling for its audience.

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2. How Women Are Remaking the Workplace to Suit Their Lives

When Janie Sayavong’s office reopened at full capacity in June, she was clear on what she would do to feel safe: wear a mask “the entire time,” she said.

“I am comfortable with my own ability to say, ‘Hey, I really prefer you wear a mask,’” said Ms. Sayavong, who works in human resources at a Denver-based oil and gas company. “And if others say they’re vaccinated, that’s great. But I don’t know if we can transmit so I’m going to ask you to wear a mask, and I’m very fine with that potential backlash.” So far, her colleagues have been supportive.

As Covid surges across the United States, employers are once more struggling to balance the safety of their workers with cultures built around the physical workplace. This has resulted in a shifting patchwork of fully in-person, fully remote and hybrid models.

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3. 12 Ways New Parents Can (and Should) Ask for Help

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Communicating our needs can be difficult at any stage of life — and it certainly doesn’t get easier after a baby arrives. During this time of uphill battles — some literal (like hauling a stroller up a flight of stairs) and some figurative (like dealing with postpartum anxiety) — it’s not unusual to feel awkward about asking for help. 

It’s only human to feel like we’re imposing on others by asking for a hand. But attempting to power through baby care single-handedly can leave you feeling overwhelmed and alone. Parenting your new little one requires extreme amounts of energy and fortitude, and it’s absolutely okay if you’re not able to muster them at the moment. 

To help you get what you need during this time, we spoke to moms and communication experts about ways to ask for — and actually receive —meaningful help. Here are 12 of their best strategies for asking family, friends, co-workers, and even your partner to lend a hand. 

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4. Women Over 50 Creating New Ways To Make And Move Money

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Globally, women make 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man, and according to a January 2020 Oxfam report, men own 50% more wealth than women. 

The funding gap has been even worse for female-founded businesses. The World Bank estimates that while women-owned enterprises account for more than 30% of registered businesses worldwide, only 10% of female entrepreneurs have enough capital necessary to grow those businesses.

Durreen Shahnaz knows these statistics. Born in Bangladesh and educated in the U.S., Shahnaz started her career on Wall Street in the late ’80s and saw firsthand how the financial markets can change lives—and how the vast wealth the markets were creating were not reaching the world’s women. She went on to work for microfinancier Grameen and, in 2009, founded Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), a private placement platform to invest in “last-mile” female entrepreneurs around the globe. While IIX has invested $215 million across 53 countries and helped, by her estimate, millions of female small business owners, Shahnaz is most proud of a financial instrument she created on the cusp of turning 50: a women-focused bond series.

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