“Before I took the leap into entrepreneurship I was working at one of the top PR agencies here in New York City, but I wasn’t there. I realised that I wasn’t gonna be completely happy with the work that I was doing until I had a little more control over the types of brands that I was doing PR for, the types of projects that I was managing, and the only way to do that was to really start my own consultancy and become my own boss.”

Renae Bluit is a filmmaker, digital content creator, and branding expert who strives to create content that show representation of women of color in a positive light. She recently created and executive produced the documentary, “She Did That,” which is currently streaming on Netflix. Renae has always been an advocate for women of color, starting her blog “In Her Shoes” in 2009 which highlighted Black women who are leaving their mark in the world on their own terms. In addition to winning the “Best Business Blog of the Year” in 2011, Renae has won numerous awards including the 2016 Entrepreneurship Award from the NAACP Brooklyn Chapter and receiving an honor at AT&T’s 2018 “Creators of Cool” Black History Month as a ‘modern day history maker.”

Nationality: American

Industry: Entertainment

Q: How important is it to tap into your passion, especially for a living?

A: This is not an easy journey. Each day is different. Your income fluctuates. But the one thing that has to be constant is your love for what you’re doing. There are going to be some days where you’re going to be faced with some challenges, and if you don’t absolutely love what you do, you will not make it, you will fold. Your passion is what drives you, on the good days and bad days.

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