“We are born into these racially divided worlds, so it’s never too early to learn, to think more about who we are and our world.”

Winona Guo is the co-creator of the non-profit organization called CHOOSE, which focuses on promoting racial literacy. Harvard Sophomore Winona Guo co-wrote two textbooks, co-founded a nonprofit, and gave two TED Talks — most of it before she even graduated high schoolAlong with Priya Vulchi, she has traveled across the country interviewing people about race and giving speeches about racial literacy. She has co-authored two books, The Classroom Index which serves to inform educators about how to cultivate racial literacy, as well Tell Me Who You Are, which’s recounts hundreds of stories about Americans experience with race. She and Vulchi are the youngest Ted-Talk speakers ever.

Nationality: American

Industry: Activism

Q: What do you hope for the future of The Classroom Index? Where would you like it to take you both? (Teen Vogue)

A: “Not just the textbook but Choose in general and the social justice movement in general; I think so far in my lifetime has really transformed my understanding and thinking about what matters in the larger context of myself and my family and my close community. And what issues in the United States and the world need addressing immediately. I think there has been a huge call to action. That’s lifelong work. We are not going to stop in high school, we are not going to stop in college. The movement, The Classroom Index, and Choose, and all the amazing people we have met over the past two years have really inspired me and Priya, I’m sure, to dedicate our lives to this work.”