“Womanhood, I suppose, is about being as authentic and honest with yourself as you can be and not being tied down by what the idea of womanhood is to other people. Not trying to fit into the moulds others have created. It’s an ongoing journey to figure out who you are as a person and womanhood is a huge part of that, but you also have to create your own version of it.”

Saoirse Ronan is an Academy Award Winning actress, known for playing strong female roles, particularly in the films Brooklyn, Lady Bird, Mary Queen of Scots and Little Women. Ronan is also vocal about feminism and gender equality in the film industry. She is an ambassador for the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and is outspoken about her beliefs on social and political issues in Ireland as well. Ronan has noted that she approaches her roles by prioritizing dynamic female characters, which she considers to be a feminist way of thinking in itself.

Nationality: American-Irish

Industry: Film

Q: How do you define your own particular form of feminism? – Penguin Talks Event

A: “I think a feminist way of thinking is just giving value to myself and the work I want to do.”

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