With so much news content being published each day on gc4women.org, we have decided to start a new “Weekend Reads” tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top reads and trending topics on gc4women.org news:

1. GC4W Wellness Retreat x Summit

GC4W Weekend Reads
Read more here. https://gc4women.org/2021/05/18/the-future-for-working-moms-lessons-from-the-pandemic/

To amplify the need to continue the momentum of mental health awareness month and the need to embrace the Age of Wellness, the GC4W Circle Network is proud to present the “GC4W Circle Wellness Retreat x Summit” with a focus on work, life, balance in our stride to find serenity in a post-pandemic world, and as we discover new wellness pathways in a whole new world. This event is also a welcomed reminder that “wellness” should be an advent part of our everyday conversations at work, at home, and in life. Read more here.

2. Pilot Wally Funk Carries 60 Years of History to Space

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Floating in the isolation tank, Wally Funk felt weightless.

She couldn’t see or hear. There was nothing to taste or smell. When she patted the eight feet of water surrounding her, she didn’t feel it.

By the time Funk endured those circumstances for 10 hours and 35 minutes in 1961, she had already taken at least 87 other exams, ranging from swallowing three feet of rubber hose to guzzling a pint of radioactive water. It was all in service of becoming one of the first female astronauts at a time when American women still needed their husbands’ permission to sign a mortgage and get a credit card. Read more here.

3. The 6 Qualities That Make a Female Leader Strong

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It is no surprise that “strong” is a word we use to describe women who have risen to positions of leadership. Males and females alike recognize that women in positions of power must be strong in order to survive the pressure cooker that results in only 6.4% of women in Fortune 500 CEO positions. A stat, by the way, which is up over 50% from 2016 and has tripled since 2008. The number of women holding these upper echelon positions of power is troubling considering that nearly 40% of MBA students are female. We start strong, but where do we get squeezed out? Read more here.

4. Why Self Care Is Extremely Important for Your Health

Read more here: https://gc4women.org/2021/05/19/reduce-stress-during-finals/
GC4W Weekend Reads

Self-care is part of the answer to how we can all better cope with daily stressors, explains Kelsey Patel, a Los Angeles–based wellness expert and the author of the forthcoming book Burning Bright: Rituals, Reiki, and Self-Care to Heal Burnout, Anxiety, and StressIt’s work stress. It’s the stress of trying to keep up with the pace of daily life, which technology has hastened more than ever (just think how many emails come flooding into your inbox each day). “People are feeling lonelier and less able to unwind and slow down, which makes them feel more anxious and overwhelmed by even the simplest tasks,” Patel says. Read more here.