With so much news content being published each day on gc4women.org, we have decided to start a new “Weekend Reads” tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top reads and trending topics on GC4W news:

1. Journal Prompts For Every Emotion You Might Be Feeling Right Now

As we spend more time in our own worlds (both external and internal), our emotions are changing frequently. We are small spoons floating in a minestrone of emotions, scooping up new flavors by the minute—some we like, some we don’t. It’s hard to make sense of it all.

So if you need a little help processing, I’ve pulled together journal prompts for every feeling in my current emotional repertoire. If there’s an emotion I’m missing, put it into the comments below and we’ll discover a prompt for you!

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2. Michelle Wu, Boston’s First Woman & Asian American Mayor

Boston voters, marking a key milestone in the city’s long political history, for the first time elected a woman and an Asian American as mayor on Tuesday, tapping City Councilor Michelle Wu to serve in the city’s top political office.

Wu’s victory marks a turning point for the city. Boston had only elected white men as mayor before her.

“One of my sons asked me the other night if boys can be elected mayor of Boston,” Wu told supporters. “They have been, and they will again someday, but not tonight.”

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3. How to Start Investing

People who keep their money in a standard savings or checking account and overlook investing have historically missed out on earning hundreds of thousands of dollars—for some women, millions of dollars. We know that women keep the majority of their money in the bank; meanwhile, more men are investing, and the wealth gap continues to grow. That means many women might be missing out on having the freedom to leave the job they hate, or the confidence to go for the job they really want. (Or break up with the person who no longer treats them as they deserve.)

And while you don’t need to spend hours and hours studying before you invest, there are a few things you should know. First up, busting a few myths:

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4. The Branding Success Secret Every Woman Needs to Know

You probably keep hearing this—”build your brand”—but what exactly does that even mean? And more importantly, how do you actually do it?

It’s a concept that encourages job hunters to think beyond the paper résumé and add online platforms to the mix. “One of the most important things you can do as a professional is to define a strong ‘professional brand’ and continue to build it,” says Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert and author of Girl On Top.

Thing is, building your brand isn’t just about readable efforts—you’re going to have to have an in-person conversation at some point! So we talked to Nicole about building your brand in a 360-way, online, on paper, and in-person. That way, you’ll be fully armed to walk into any interview and nail it.

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