With so much news content being published each day on gc4women.org, we have decided to start a new tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top picks and trending topics on gc4women.org news:

1. Meet the First TIME Kid of the Year: Gitanjali Rao

For the first time ever, TIME magazine has created an award to recognise America’s youngest and most inspiring leaders. The Kid of the Year award has been given to 15-year-old scientist and inventor Gitanjali Rao, best known for her technological inventions that tackle water contamination and cyberbullying. 

Rao has appeared on television networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Marvel’s Hero Project and has received multiple scholarships and awards for her achievements in science, arts and community service. Read more here.

2. 3 Powerful Lessons From Women With Ambition

While the world is still dismissive of women with ambition (the word is seen as a positive in men and a negative in women), plenty of female power players are hoping to change that.

The key issue: likability. Women with ambition are seen as “unlikable,” according to a Columbia Business School study. It’s not exactly a revelation, but the gender bias needs to be addressed.

Powerful women are doing exactly that. Cindi Leive, Glamour’s former editor-in-chief, says “Let’s resolve to redefine likability to include women who want things, badly, for themselves and for others.” In other words, women who are ambitious. Read more here.

3. How To Help Your Children Cope With COVID-19 Stress

As COVID-19 first spread across the US in early 2020, parents’ main concern became protecting their kids’ health. While masking and social distancing have gone a long way to help ensure the physical health of many children and adults in this country, families report a worrying decline in mental health, particularly now.

It’s natural for parents to worry about how their kids are handling life during the pandemic. But there are specific strategies you can adopt right now to help you and your kids cope.

4. Why You Should Set Intentions for 2021 Instead of Declaring a New Year’s Resolution

A resolution is a specific goal to achieve your desired result. It often is directed at changing a part of ourselves that we think is flawed or needs improvement; this might be working out more for weight loss, getting a promotion or eating healthier to lower your cholesterol.

An intention, on the other hand, is an overarching idea of how you want to live your life that aligns with your values and in turn drives your actions and decisions. 

It can be a feeling that you want to embody such as being calm, productive, flexible, loving or understanding. While a resolution is targeted to a specific part of your life, an intention can have widespread positive effects on various aspects of your life so that you can be the best version of yourself. Read more here.