These Valentine’s day Sugar Cookies reveal secret messages! This is a delicious cookie and activity all in one!

Perfect to give your kids for Valentine’s Day, or, make them for the class party.

by Chellie Schmitz

plate of heart shaped Valentines Day sugar cookies that have a red 'stained glass window' in the center

Any sugar cookie recipe will do, but I’ve adapted my Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies to more of an Old Fashioned Sour Cream Cookie type.

They’re a little softer and fluffier in texture, and we really like them.

Plus, they have plain Greek yogurt in them, this way, we at least get some protein in. 😉

rolled cookie dough with heart shaped cookie cut outs, cookie cutters, and crushed red candy

STEP ONE: Make the dough (instructions in recipe card)

STEP TWO: While the dough is chilling, take red hard candy (I like Jolly Ranchers), place it in a bag and crush it with s mallett or rolling pin.

STEP THREE: Cut out the cookies. Using 2 heart shaped cookie cutters (a larger and a smaller), cut out the cookies and place them on a foil lined sheet sprayed with coconut oil.

STEP FOUR: Fill the center of each cookie with the crushed candy. Bake, on a rimmed baking sheet, cool, enjoy!


You can very easily make your own by using a blue pen or light blue marker to write your message.

After that, just doodle right over it with red, orange and pink markers. The message you wrote will appear when you put the Sugar Cookie over top of it.

Valentine De-Coder Cookies, plate of heart shaped cookies with a red hard candy center, coded message and cookie cutter.

No time to doodle? No worries, I found some on the internet, and this is a much quicker route.

Check out this post from Moments to Live By. Each of these sites have a free printable of secret messages. 🙌🏼

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I had a lot of fun making a healthier option for my kids when they were quite a bit younger. Now that they’re older, they love to help make them and give them away as Valentines to their friends.

Happy Valentines Day!

Plate of Valentine's Day sugar cookies that reveal secret messages. heart shaped, with a red 'stained glass' center

Here’s about a 12-minute video walking you through the steps. Enjoy!

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