“I will do my best with my work so that I could give people a choice in fashion and share good things with them. That is what I believe and I continue to try to become a better person…that is my goal.”

Minju Kim is a Korean women’s wear fashion designer who was recently won Netflix’s competition show Next In Fashion. She started her own Seoul based company MINJUKIM in 2015. She also won the 2013 H&M design award and was one of LVMH’s young designers to watch in 2014. Thanks to winning Next In Fashion she has also launched a collection on Net-a-Porter, a luxury fashion retailer. Another one of her accomplishments has been designing for K-Pop groups BTS and Red Velvet.

Nationality: South Korean

Industry: Fashion

Q: What are your thoughts on Asian talents in fashion and art? Do you think there’s untapped potential here? (Harper’s Bazaar Singapore)

A: “Yes, there are so many undiscovered great designers and I meet them every day through fashion week. We all struggle with the same difficulties in the business of fashion, such as dealing with mass production and monetary issues. My hope is that there would be more programmes that create chances, like Next in Fashion, or support system from big organisations, to help these great designers/talents so that they can be experienced and appreciated more by people who love fashion and design.”

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