Crocs’ Lori Foglia on Leading With Levity

By Shoshy Ciment

Lori Foglia joined Crocs in October as the company’s chief product and merchandising officer. She came from L Brands, where she most recently served as the company’s EVP and global general merchandise manager.

Here, she discusses the importance of finding fun in work, forming relationships, and how she learned to stop seeking perfection.

My leadership mantra

“If you’re not having fun, you’re not innovating. My approach to leadership is always evolving, but I find joy in moments of levity and inspiration in optimism. At Crocs, I’m fortunate to oversee the brand’s creative engine, including a team of talented product designers and developers. By leading with levity, we’re not only bringing our very best to market, but we’re having fun while we’re doing it.”

My biggest opportunity and biggest challenge

“Because of Crocs, the clog and molded footwear categories are far less subversive. They’ve become more mainstream, and we see that as a positive. We’ll continue to leverage that growing brand halo to innovate in the clog category, but we have an incredible opportunity to rely on our DNA as a molded brand to increase awareness and consideration for sandals and other key silhouettes.”

The most significant barrier in my career and how I overcame it

“Reminding myself that good is often good enough. Perfection is elusive and if you strive for it, you’ll drive yourself crazy. I try to remind myself of this daily. As female leaders, we often waste time and energy attempting to check all the boxes. Perfection should never be confused with delivering work to a high standard.”

My advice for women just starting out in their careers

“Don’t discount the value of relationship building. Technology and a global pandemic have shifted the ways we connect but I can’t overstate the importance of finding a trusted mentor or executive sponsor to learn from and grow. As I look back over the course of my career, I’m grateful to those that have guided and encouraged me along the way.”

The leader that had the most impact on me and why

“It’s impossible to name just one. I’ve been fortunate to build life-long relationships with many leaders and former colleagues that I respect and admire. From thinking strategically to building relationships and finding the fun, these individuals have left a lasting impression on my leadership philosophy.”

What am I most excited for in my new role

“Consumer-centric innovation is at the forefront of our product and merchandising strategies. From trend-right silhouettes and compelling collaborations to more Jibbitz charms, I’m confident in our ability to deliver comfortable, versatile, and accessible product and am so excited to see our consumers and our partners respond to the newness we’re bringing to market in 2022.”


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